KUBORAUM – Opening at AZULIK Mexico

On the 2nd of November AZULIK will open the doors of IK_RAUM, a Kuboraum room in Tulum, Mexico, in this magical complex including a resort, an art gallery and a store.


Concieved and designed by Roth, Eduardo Neira, AZULIK is an ecological conscious resort, reconnecting people and communities through initiatives of hospitality, sustainability, wellness, gastronomy, art, fashion, luxury, architecture, design, creativity and innovation.
Set within the grounds of the eco-resort the new arts and cultural space, IK LAB, provides a framework for the world’s finest creative minds to interact with the gallery’s visionary architecture, capturing the quintessence of the Yucatan peninsula’s abundant nature, rich spiritual heritage, ancestral knowledge combined with technological innovation and applied sustainability.
Through IK LAB’s groundbreaking contemporary art exhibitions, its art residency program and its roster of prominent international artists, it is designing a new way of experiencing art for the local community and international visitors.


IK_RAUM is a conceptual space that hosts the encounter of two worlds connected to the AZULIK resort and IK LAB Art Gallery. A Kuboraum room which contains and exhibits Kuboraum’s Mask Collection alongside an exclusive capsule collection of Kuboraum inspired by Yucatan and designed solely for this space. Here one finds the largest selection of Kuboraum right after the one at Kuboraum’s Berlin Flagship Store.

A room between the sea and jungle of Tulum, as an entrance into the underworld. Mirrors and candles, our images reflecting everywhere, evoking the feeling to enter a place where we get in touch with our nature, our stars, our masks and ourselves. The roughness of the stone, the cold of the metal as the perfect display to highlight each one of the Masks. The wind between the lenses, the perfection of being, a sense of intimacy that puts us face to face with our identities.

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