WOOW – Cool design with attitude

Sunglasses are an essential part of street style and with frames available in all shapes and colours, the choices are plentiful. The brand-new concepts from WOOW Eyewear are cosmic and make it easy to find a COOL design with lots of ATTITUDE. The WOOW style is a perfect mix of London beat and Paris fashion and will speak to anyone with a good sense of humour. The snappy little WOOW remarks on the end-tips will surely make you smile.

The new sunglasses from WOOW are RETRO-COOL and ULTRA-FLASHY. Exploring new trendy colours and expressions, yet true to the spirit of WOOW. The inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s is evident: it’s OVERSIZED, COLOURFUL and UNIQUE in all its details and shapes. The delicate FLORAL patterns, shiny GOLDEN details and funky GRAPHICAL lines will surely WOO(W) you!


A STAR is born and it is ready to SPIN your world! Golden details combined with STUNNING colours send out MIAMI beach VIBES. The UNIQUE shapes can best be described as VINTAGE FUTURE. Confused? Don’t be! It’s simply WOOW.

WOOW_Super Nova1 col.100_F
WOOW_Super Nova2 col.0208_image
WOOW_Super Nova2 col.0208_imagecrop


Like the speed of sound, SUPER SONIC has an energetic look in two OVERSIZED shapes. Note how the SUPER SONIC 2 has a COOL double bridge highlighting the source of inspiration: a ski mask. From the slopes of St. Moritz and Aspen to the streets of New York and Paris SUPER SONIC will make you look

WOOW_Super Sonic1 col.0180
WOOW_Super Sonic2 col.0058_image
WOOW_Super Sonic2 col.0058_imagecrop

Don’t shy away – have fun exploring the new SUPER sunglasses on woow-eyewear.com. SUPER FANTASTIC!

Design is the heart of our company

Design Eyewear Group creates and markets iconic eyewear brands, sold worldwide by quality opticians for more than 40 years. Great design is what defines all our brands. They are versatile and clearly positioned: from audacious French design to a clean-cut Scandinavian look. Please visit designeyeweargroup.com for more information on our brands.

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