Milo&Me – made for little rebels

My daughter Zoë is an adventurer. She loves to run, jump and discover. Getting dirty, holes in her pants and twigs in her hair, that’s my daughter and I am sure many of your kids are the same!

Milo&Me believes that kids should be able to exercise, play and run as they wish, even with their glasses on! Their frames are strong, lightweight and super flexible. Moreover, they are tough, they have trendy colors and look superb on everyone!
Ready-to-play eyewear, 100% made with love and made for little rebels.


How the concept came to life

Milo&Me was developed by 2 optical professionals who both had little kids at home and saw the need for tough children’s glasses that can take a beating. Glasses with which you can jump on the trampoline, hang in the rings and play football. What started with this desire has grown into not only a collection of children’s glasses but even a complete lifestyle brand that is sold worldwide.

Run, jump, frolic and discover. Or just rollerblading, BMX and jumping trampoline and playing football. Milo & Me originated from the idea that every child must be able to play what he wants without being afraid his glasses will break. The glasses of Milo & Me are made to withstand a considerable impact.


About the brand

In addition to quality and strength, it is also very important that the children who wear the glasses are happy with it. They must feel confident and be proud of their glasses. That’s why they are super cool glasses in different colors. “But Milo&Me is more than a children’s eyewear brand. “It is a cool lifestyle brand complete with clothing, caps, school bags and cool gadgets. “All from the philosophy: play the way you want and be a little rebel.

The raccoon

Each of their models has the name of an animal and their logo is the raccoon “Milo”.
“& Me” stands for ‘feeling connected with’. The animal fits their philosophy. A wild, rebellious and stubborn animal that goes its own way. Like children do.


All Milo & Me glasses come with a detachable silicone headband, Ear Grip Holder, microfibre cover, case and a sticker.

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear:  Milo&Me
Models: Zoë & friends
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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