MARKUS T – celebrates 20 year anniversary

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MARKUS T turns 20. Having a deep passion for design and technical perfection, the label has established itself on the market within the past two decades.  But instead of looking back in the past, the German manufacturer rather explores beyond the rim of a tea cup. Being free to change perspectives and to jiggle ancient beliefs, MARKUS T keeps on inspiring with ever new technologies combined with timeless designs.

DOT Mono Collection

What is that supposed to mean? Well that is pretty simple: DOT Mono. It is the first MARKUS T frame with spun temples. Meaning, the temples are turned by 90° around their longitudinal axis. This spin allows to realise uniquely expressive designs. Flat from above, yet thin from the side. Spectacular and understated at the same time.

MT_DOT Mono_L1013 Side
MT_DOT Mono_L1013 Top View
MT_DOT Mono_L1013 Front

Temples and front are cut out of 0.6 and 0.8 millimeter thin titanium plates. In order to connect them to each other, a new hinge had to be developed. “The slim titanium temples only give us little space for placing a technology that works”, describes Markus Temming, owner and designer, the process in development. “That really challenged me and my technical designers”, he states further. Especially, as the hinge is supposed to work without any screws, as all MARKUS T hinges do.

Therefore, the team constructed a new push-fit connection which is as genius just as simple. Because, who holds the glasses with turned temples in his hands and takes a closer look, immediately understands how the hinge works: The down part turns, when moving the temple. The upper part counteracts.

„The DOT Mono collection comes straight to the point. It combines everything MARKUS T has ever stood for. Technical perfection and a design that focusses on the most essential and beautiful”, Markus Temming describes the new collection.

The collection will be launched at Silmo in Paris. 12 forms will be available in the existing MARKUS T titanium colours plus 24 carat gold- plated temples. During the patented Multi-Step-Colouring process, the titanium gets the typically matte appearance which lasts a lifetime..

The secret behind their ideas

„Any improvement possible?“ – that’s the question motivating MARKUS T to go beyond standards and to develop perfect technologies themselves. More and more steps of production were integrated under the roof of the manufacture in Gütersloh, Germany. There, within the walls of a former grain distillery, the design label created a space for creativity and inventive minds.

That’s how MARKUS T frames are created in a transparent manufacture to 100 percent handmade in Germany. Without being limited by any conventions. Since an independent manufacture is the freedom, to realize the brand’s various own ideas and to meet demands even faster.

Behind this stands a team that shares the passion for design and perfection. And the talent, to reduce things to their most essential and truly beautiful. Because in simplicity lies beauty.

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