BBIG – Because children have great taste too!

Sure, they are a bit smaller, have a higher voice, are somewhat rash here and there, need a certain adjustment and still have to learn a lot. But that does not mean that they have no taste. On the contrary. Children feel flawlessly about what they do and what they do not like. Also when it comes to choosing their glasses. In the end they are the ones who have to leave the schoolyard …

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The world according to bbig

In the world according to BBIG, children’s eyewear must meet the same conditions as an adult’s glasses. Your child must like the model and the material must be appreciated. The glasses must be fun, exciting, challenging and flashy, but certainly not childish. Beautifully designed with a great eye for detail. Offered in a very wide range, with something for everyone.

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An extensive collection

BBIG offers an extensive collection of children’s glasses with an adult look. This does not mean that we release miniature versions of adult glasses. Children also have their own aesthetic taste. Call it uninhibited, airy, light and with a touch of humor. A child’s face also has other proportions than that of an adult and therefore requires completely different dimensions.


Then there is the quality. Children run, play, frolic, hang, fall, jump and sometimes even seem to think they can fly. In short, their glasses are sometimes put under pressure and must therefore be extremely strong and still flexible. In the eyes of BBIG, this does not necessarily mean that a children’s frame must be made of ‘braided reinforcement iron’. With the modern materials and techniques that BBIG incorporates in its frames, we achieve very elegant and aesthetically pleasing children’s frames that are almost indestructible.

Noa is wearing model 236 in color CrystalRed X CrystalYellow
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Zoe is wearing model 237 in color CrystalBlue X CrystalGreen
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Fynn is wearing model 703 in color Gunmetal matt Gold
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Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: BBIG
Models: Zoë, Fynn & Noa
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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