Kaleos – Boreal collection

A solar wind of charged particles travels through space at the speed of light, before colliding with atmospheric atoms and ions. These collisions generate countless tiny bursts of light, creating the most beautiful natural phenomena on the planet; we mortals call it: Boreal. An elusive party of lights, colors, movement and mystery, to which few are invited to witness. Only those in the right place at the right time are rewarded with the show. An exclusive winter dance between us and nature.

The Boreal never repeats itself in the same way, each night’s display is unique and different. Although the colors and intensity may vary, the Boreal’s energy is always the same. It is nature’s determination to expand, shine and cross-space that has inspired KALEOS EYEHUNTERS to make a twist to the collections.

KALEOS EYEHUNTERS want to dazzle and be unique. For this reason, will now offer two “main collections” each year, with a series of additional and limited edition capsule launchments. The creative team now faces a daily challenge of designing new models, which will replace the current permanent collections. With this newly scheduled calendar launchments, KALEOS EYEHUNTERS challenge themselves to be, even more, pioneers of trends in the world of Eyewear.

The new Boreal collection is a new way for KALEOS EYEHUNTERS to shine.

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