Tarian – New AW18 collection

True creation is about daring and does not suffer any assumption or doubt. It combines personal intuitions with blindingly obvious life encounters. Creation is about surprising yourself before surprising others: when selecting strong and contrasting colours for the new TARIAN Graphic eyewear collection, when daring to commingle a multitude of patterns to evoke distant travels for their ceramic masks series, or even when combining architecture with 1980’s design to create their Comme Papa series or their Superline sunglasses.
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Welcome to Jeremy Tarian’s joyful mess where handmade creations are beautifully imperfect and familiarize with happenstance. Let him invite you to discover his 8th collection, which dares to merge technique, handcraft and fantasy to create colourful designs mixing clay and acetate.

Celebrating materials’ simplicity and love for uniqueness

TARIAN l’Atelier spotlights craft’s natural raw materials: clays, enamels, acetate and metals. Ornamental and useful, both their glasses and ceramics are designed and crafted in keeping with craft’s traditions: small series, natural materials, meticulous care for details and the beauty of handmade creations.
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In TARIAN‘s Studio, an old stable in Haut-Marais, Paris, Jeremy can fully explore colours, mixes of acetate shavings for his eyewear, combinations of pigmented clays form marbled ceramics. Eyewear frames are traditionally made and assembled in both France (Jura) and Japan and the ceramics are individually handmade in my Parisian studio.

As a child I was already taller than my classmates, had a long nose and suffered from high degree myopia. The need for glasses was felt early on. After studying Finance, I went back to my first passion: creation. Indeed, it all started when I was 10 years old when my mum had the brilliant idea to enrol me on a ceramic course at the Ateliers du Carrousel du Louvre because I didn’t enjoy sports as much as much as the other boys did.

The passion still lives on 20 years down the line. Trained at New York’s Parsons School of Design, I gained experience at ic! Berlin before naturally launching my own brand, Tarian, in 2010, to design my own creations. I love colours and raw materials: mixes of acetate shavings for my eyewear, combinations of pigmented clays form marbled ceramics. My world revolves around the commingling of these two passions.

Jeremy invites to you all to come and check out his new styles during Silmo 2018 in hall 5, booth M102

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