Blinx – Charming your frames!

Despite the amazing array of children’s frames now available, it can still sometimes be a struggle to persuade younger children to wear their glasses consistently, especially when they are first told they need to wear them. As the children head back to school following the holidays, there will be many a parent trying to convince their little one to keep them on during their classes! Our friends at Blinx took on the challenge of trying to find a way to make children feel empowered about the situation. Their collection of removable charms gives children a degree of control over the way they look and allows them to express their own style and mood.

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As a fun product that injects colour into practices, children are encouraged to collect the charms and enjoy the experience of visiting their optical store. Blinx allow children to customise and accessorise their spectacle frames.  Easy to slip on and off, their cute charmes can be mixed and matched, swapped and changed to suit your mood or clothing.

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About Blinx

Blinx are collectable soft rubber charms, primarily for use on the arms of spectacles.  Blinx simply slide on and off children’s glasses, allowing you to change the colour and style of your glasses as often as you wish! Blinx can also be used to slide onto our soft silicon Blinx Bands – adjustable wrist bands that allow you to coordinate your accessories. Blinx are made of soft silicon rubber andfit approximately 85% of children’s glasses.

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A small selection of their available charms. Check our their website to see them all!

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Blinx
Models:  Zoë and friends
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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