Vanni Eyewear – Pixel multicolour

The VANNI PIXEL distilled multicolour:

The smallest information unit in every image, the pixel, is the inspiration for the new and exclusive acetate block by Vanni Eyewear, finding in the essence of primary colours the balance it’s looking for. Yellow, red, and white create a grid-like pattern made up of infinite squares that become three dimensional, playing on the luminosity and transparent nature of the material, creating a trompe l’oeil of full and empty spaces.

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The Design Detail:

the 2018 collection combines the Pixel multi-colour acetate sheet with mono-colour or Havana. Its sophisticated and vivacious personality is seen on the inside of the frame, gifting its exterior a minimal and graphic effect.
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Shape and colours:

the 2 optical models have a feminine shape. Colours are black and bordeaux with an inside secret surprising colourful texture.

About Vanni:

VANNI harks back to Giovanni Vitaloni, Vanni to his friends, born Milan, 1907. An artist with a technical bent, founder and inspirer of family entrepreneurship for generations to come.

Beauty stemming from the spark of genius duly mixed with culture and style. Nothing obvious: this is a distillation of 25 years’ research and experiment. The made in Italy touch breathes from every detail. Like a perfume, project-pervading.
VANNI prescription- and sunwear kicked off in Turin in 1990, a look that would tour the world and be at home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sydney. In eyewear design VANNI means genuine originality applied to spectacle manufacture. To mix and create unique combinations: that is our challenge, our constant ‘dare’, and colour is our second name.

VANNI is not so much craftsmanship as limited-edition industry. For more information, check the  Vanni Eyewear website.







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