Sophia Visanji, the latest TEF blogger

Introducing the latest addition to the TEF Entourage!
Eyewear blogger from “The Monocle Muse“, Dr. Sophia will be shooting TEFdoesNYC next month, alongside eyewear journalist Anastasia from EyeRepublic who will be shooting TEFdoesMOSCOW.

Sophia is a full time optometrist working in Manhattan, and likes to spend her free time traveling, writing and shooting content for her blog, ‘The Monocle Muse’.

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Originally from Canada, Sophia has been in the eyewear industry for over 10 years, beginning her career as an optical saleswoman to going to Optometry school in Boston, and now practicing in New York, so it’s safe to say she is very passionate about eyewear and the industry, and she is excited to showcase emerging independent designers in the market.

Welcome to the TEF family Sophia!

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