Einstoffen – Born from Iron

Born from Iron – Special Edition 2018
Our Limited Edition Born from Iron is EINSTOFFEN’s first pure titanium collection. It’s strictly limited to 250 pieces per model and will not be reproduced. Our vision was to merge avant-garde design with precision craftsmanship and to trace an arc to our watch collection with its slightly more industrial touch. The three subtle sunglasses are available in different metal colors and will be delivered in an exclusive silver-grey collector’s box with individual cases.
Titanium – Harder than Steel
Titanium is a relatively common chemical element- but one that does not occur in its pure form in nature. In order to produce titanium as a commodity, the minerals rutile or ilmenite have to be reduced down. During this process, liquid iron collects at the bottom of the electric arc furnace and is then tapped. Hence the warrior-tough name for our collection Born from Iron. Titanium is extremely stable yet flexible as well as corrosion-resistant. These qualities make the material an ideal choice for manufacturing glasses and sunglasses.

The shapes:

Eisenleger («iron layer»)
For lovers of a real, classic look with a certain individual twist. The blocky, robust aviator shape in matte silver puts these shades in the realm of the unmistakable classic. But the high-quality titanium frame, the distinctive green CR39 lenses and the special design of the temples and side visors are all about standing out from the crowd. With great craftsmanship and a perfect blend of old and new… what more could you ask for?
Uhrmacher («watchmaker»)
Not sure if you know but….since 2017 we’ve become watch-creators as well. Needless to say, this traditional Swiss craft is close to our hearts. Particularly the romantic atmosphere in an antique watchmaking workshop always inspired us. Now, these titanium sunglasses with their retro shape and rose-colored lenses draw a bow to the legendary watchmakers. Craft and precision with just a tiny design update. We’re sure you won’t mind.
Feuerverzinker («galvanizer»)
Hot! Hot! Hot! The «Feuerverzinker» might just be the most scorching shape of the season. Titanium is already corrosion-resistant and perfect with no galvanization required. But come on: images of a hissing zinc bath, a glowing forge and the sparks dancing from a welding torch automatically come to mind when looking at this futuristic model with its dark lenses and characteristic side sun visors. Steampunk galore!


«Where the raw nature of the alps meets the urban lifestyle of the Metropolis.»
Nature acts as a co-designer in each pair of EINSTOFFEN specs. Each and every frame is as unique as the tree or rock it was cut from. The guys at EINSTOFFEN love the playful interaction between different colors, grains and textures in nature. The beauty of the original material is often stunning.

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