Must See at VEE // Top 10 brands not to miss at Vision Expo East

With just a week left until the next VISION EXPO in New York City, we can barely wait to see what amazing eyewear will be on display at their last New York edition!

As always, we have created a TOP10 of Must-See brands, which are really worth a visit! Brands in a wide variety of categories, to match anyone’s desires:


Frost Eyewear // Easy on the Eyes

You are in for an extraordinary experience at the Frost Eyewear booth, encountering an array of cutting-edge designs meticulously crafted by the visionary goldsmith Marion Frost herself.

Immerse yourself in the avant-garde allure of her latest models from the renowned Frost Hot Glasses collection, all handcrafted in Germany with exquisite transparent acetate.

Delve into the captivating world of creativity as she shares the inspiration behind her latest masterpieces.

The conceptual brilliance behind these designs lies in the joint possession of three distinct frame shapes, symbolizing a warm embrace that Marion Frost describes as “even more crucial in today’s uncertainties.”

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity, a once-in-a-year chance, to engage in a personal conversation with the visionary founders, Paris and Marion Frost, and witness firsthand the passion and innovation that drive their extraordinary creations.

Meet up with Marion & Paris Frost in The Atelier: A240

BR.AND Eyewear  // Fashion, Art and Design

Do check out this “brand” new project launched last January. BR.AND reaches the space between artistry, craftsmanship and urban lifestyle.

Based in France, this label is about self-expression, movement, and technique. It is dynamic and evolves through limited edition products, artist collaborations, events, and more.

The first part of the project is an eyewear collection that was launched this January. Versatile frames with an exclusive design, these are inspired by urban life : active, sportive and professional.

With BR.AND eyewear you are not wearing glasses but a lifestyle product.

Be sure to check out this brand new brand in The Atelier: A424


BRETT // Become your Neo Hero!

Retro-inspired frames, crafted for drivers and speed lovers. 

BRETT Eyewear finds its inspiration in the heroes of the 70’s, whether they are legendary pilots or iconic characters of cult series, the brand continues to write its history with modern-day heroes.

The ultra-thin and flexible temples of our frames, made of titanium or stainless steel, offer a light sensation and optimal comfort. They are designed to fit easily under a helmet.

BRETT gives you the chance to become your own « Neo Hero ». 

Between virility and refinement, that is the DNA of BRETT. 

Come and meet BRETT Eyewear in
The Atelier: A306


A story of elegance and individuality

At the booth of the esteemed Belgium eyewear brand Odette Lunettes, you can expect a captivating experience filled with the unveiling of their latest collection.

Dive into a world where style meets innovation as their team showcases their newest designs and trends.

Discover the essence of Odette Lunettes and immerse yourself in the craftsmanship and creativity that define this brand from Antwerp.

Engage with their team of experts who are eager to share insights into the inspiration behind each frame and guide you through their diverse range of styles.

Whether you’re drawn to classic silhouettes or avant-garde designs, there’s a pair of Odette Lunettes waiting to elevate your personal style and enhance your vision.

Join Odette on a journey of discovery at
The Atelier: A252


Embracing the individuality of women everywhere

The Neighbors is a never-before-seen women’s collection of elegant, feminine eyeglasses, making its debut at Vision Expo East with 24 models in 4 colours each.

Inspired by vintage styles with a touch of modern flair, the slim and lightweight designs invite women to embrace their unique sense of style.

Embracing the individuality of women everywhere, the collection features timeless and geometric shapes with a mix of natural tones and pops of bright colour.

Crafted using surgical steel and custom acetate, the inaugural release consists of 16 metal and 8 acetate eyeglasses. From Studio Optyx, a family-owned business whose rich history is rooted in craftsmanship, each handcrafted frame is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Explore the new releases from Erkers1879 in
The Park: P411


Embracing the individuality of women everywhere

Swedish eyewear brand Vasuma 
launches a new collection made from certified recycled content through a mass balance allocation process.

The frames are made in Segusino Italy with Mazzucchelli & Eastman Acetate Renew. Their team is very proud to support the responsible sourcing of recycled plastics and contribute to replacing fossil-based resources in the production process.

Eastman Acetate Renew is powered by Eastman’s revolutionary recycling technology that transforms single-use plastic waste into durable materials, offsetting the use of fossil resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

A celebration of evolution and growth. Vasuma transports to an environment from Old Town alleys with rusty metals, black oak and smoky scent from a genuine 15th century workshop.

Check out this new Vasuma collection at
The Atelier: A145


MIYAGI Eyewear
See great, feel great, get noticed

Miyagi Eyewear is a family-owned brand out of Los Angeles that takes pride in over 30 years of dedicated artistry and unwavering commitment to caring for their customers.

Their eyewear presents a captivating range of designer frames that blend meticulous craftsmanship with a distinctive flair.

With acute attention to detail, the brand offers designer optical frames and sunglasses with quality craftsmanship and a unique sense of style.

Their frame designs are beautifully showcased through the finest in Italian cellulose acetate.

But make sure to also check out their combination frames with genuine leather, natural-treated wood, biodegradable plastic, hypoallergenic metal, Bohemian crystals, and stainless steel.

Their frame designs will satisfy each wearer’s personal style inclinations.

Check out the latest Miyagi Eyewear collection at
The Park: P1129


OGI Eyewear
The Minnesota-based original indie eyewear label

Catch the latest trends at the OGI Eyewear booth and view striking colours, clever shapes, and unexpected material combinations that will ignite your passion for eyewear.

Chief Creative Officer, David Duralde, is invigorating the industry with his artistic vision and a truly captivating product story.  

Can’t attend in-person? OGI Eyewear brings the catalog straight to customers with the industry’s best Virtual Try-On App.

Realistic renderings give you an accurate look at any style, meaning your frame of mind just got a lot bigger!

Don’t miss out, check out OGI Eyewear! 

Catch the OGI Fever at
The Park: P525!


Bruno Chaussignand
Be seen without making a scene!

Get to know Bruno Chaussignand, the art deco-inspired collection from France, and have a chat with its creator Bruno himself. Their technical frames await you… to be seen without making a scene!

The Bruno Chaussignand collection thrives on the creativity of a man who uses his sensibility, his taste for design and technical know-how to enhance eyeglass wearers.

Bruno Chaussignand designs his creations for the face. He creates a universe of free expression where glasses reveal us without imposing a style.

They are the reflection of our uniqueness: our tastes, our values, our energy. They marry the features of our face and our character by bringing them structure, audacity, and elegance.

Meet with Bruno Chaussignand himself at
The Atelier: A424


Finely Crafted Eyewear

New to its heritage brand, Erkers1879 is thrilled to present its Spring collection, showcasing 22 new frames and 32 new colours within its booth.

Their new release brings 12 eyeglasses and 7 sunglasses to their AP collection, which takes its name from their founding father, A.P. Erker. 

Within this collection, 22 newly designed colourways were introduced, including a range of new custom-designed acetate blends and a handful of new finishes on their stainless steel models.

Also part of their Spring release, the Erkers will introduce three new models to their Special Reserve collection in four colours each.

This limited production series features special insignia and custom colour blends exclusive to the collection.

Each limited-edition Special Reserve piece is made in one batch of 100, never to be made again.

Meet up with the fabulous Erker brothers at
The Park: P411


We hope you can find the time to check out these amazing eyewear designers in New York next week! I won’t be at the show myself this year, for I am having an amazing new “product launch” myself, a beautiful baby girl that is expected several weeks after the show! Priorities! 😉

Have fun in NYC, and remember, TEF loves you!

Maarten Weidema

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