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At 100% Optical. we had the pleasure to again have a talk with Anne Marie Faniel, the amazing Canadian designer (and opera singer), who has embraced sustainable materials to create artistic works of wearable art.

Anne-Marie uses coloured materials, made of recycled acetate to highlight the skin tone and morphology of each wearer, in order to reveal the unique beauty and magnify each face.

Artistic frames with unique colours in recycled acetate created by soprano and multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie Faniel. Timeless and limited edition, they are designed to express the multiple facets of your personality.

About Faniel Eyewear

Jewellery frames created by Quebec soprano and multidisciplinary artist Anne-Marie Faniel, designed to reveal the unique personality of each wearer. Coloured materials, made of recycled acetate, from a unique original process, imagined by the designer and skilfully blended to highlight the skin tone and morphology of each wearer, in order to reveal the unique beauty and magnify each face.

Faniel signs three distinct collections allowing each one to evolve freely according to its artistic expression.

The Faniel Artistic collection. The Faniel Artistic collection. Pure and hard, it is aimed at the most expressive of us and offers bold and assertive designs, as well as a thorough research of colours, combining materials and colours in order to subtly harmonise the different characteristics of each face

Next comes the Faniel au cube collection, where each frame is named after a positive energy, allowing the wearer to carry these beneficial waves to themselves and to others an introduction to the Faniel universe, which is aimed at the general public and is positively wiser and more accessible.

And finally, the ¡Artista! An evolving collection inspired by the great artists who have marked our planet. An exciting universe exploring metal and acetate, allowing the designer to give free rein to her artistic imagination. Works of art for your eyes!

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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