The Avantguard // Rewilding Collection

THE AVANTGUARD unveils its highly anticipated Rewilding Collection.

A three-part – bloom, grow, blossom – range that explores nature, science, and Japanese craftsmanship. The recurring theme is quality Eyewear that lasts whilst having a positive impact on the planet.  The Collection consists of eleven new sunglass designs, in three colour ways, made only using recycled, bio-degradable and green plant-based acetates.

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The Campaign inspired by the positive connection between nature and fashion when working in harmony. Their latest campaign is a symbol of the brands desire to continually learn, grow and flourish. Launching a new AI Campaign with zero environmental impact which sets out to celebrate nature and the role of THE AVANTGUARD within it.

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Wildflower 6
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Their Botanical Collection is a plant-based Eyewear range where THE AG opted to work solely with cellulose bio-acetates rather than commonly used plastic acetate alternatives. Bio acetates are produced from cotton and wood-pulp fibres manufactured under a new formulation, using substances from renewable sources. By designing their Eyewear using eco-friendly bio-acetate THE AVANTGUARD is effectively eliminating excess plastic use. This bio-acetate is 100% biodegradable meaning that it can be degraded into carbon dioxide, water, methane, mineralised in organic salts and new substances, therefore being returned to nature. This process circulates the resources back into our planet, truly achieving sustainable development. Bio acetate is completely biodegradable under industrial composting conditions in 115 days. They have sourced recycled acetates giving them new life, turning nuisance waste into a viable material reducing plastics going directly into landfill. Going forwardS they are also exploring recycled metals. THE AVANTGUARD packaging is made using FSC approved recycled paper. Unity antistatic chemical free microfibre cleaning cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles and vegan leather pouches with natural dyes.

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Landfill 3
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Inspired by intentionality and the connection between nature and the positive role it can play in fashion; THE AVANTGUARD’s wish is to continually learn, grow, change and improve.

Details in this considered collection have been presented with so many curated features from bespoke triangular hinges and customised metal wire-core temples. All temple tips are laminated a subtle highlight colour and Inner temple tips have lines laser etched onto the acetate for extra grip, providing further comfort for the user as well as a luxury branding feature. The “EYE FOR CHANGE” wording will be laser etched, and ink filled on inside of select frames (visible when putting on). The inner thickness on temples will also be varied and curved for extra comfort.

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THE AVANTGUARD is made in Japan using a sustainable approach. Faiza believes fashion can be beautiful, on trend and good for the planet. When an ophthalmologist diagnosed Faiza with the beginnings of a cataract, she was shocked. She loved wearing designer sunglasses but soon found out that those lenses were not offering her eyes adequate protection. It’s for this very reason THE AVANTGUARD uses premium lenses which offer UV400 and blue light protection. Faiza’s ophthalmologist advised her that she always needs to wear sunglasses, even on a cloudy days, to ensure that the cataract doesn’t worsen, which was the beginning of Faiza’s passion for sunglasses, alas THE AVANTGUARD was born.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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