Le Kevin // New Lower-priced Eyeglass Holders

Famous for its high-end leather handcrafted eyeglass holders, the British brand Le Kevin now launches a lower-priced point, called “Kevin Life”. It is an entirely new and original unisex accessory at an accessible price, which essentially performs as an eyeglass holder or lanyard, and an attractive necklace that can be entirely customized. It is both a resell and a promotional item.

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A printed quality and durable plastic disc that slides onto a plastic surround which either holds or fixes the glasses in place and loops onto an elastic adjustable cord with a toggle and two end buttons.

The product can be corporate, company branded, event printed, and customised with any favourite motif and image. The printing options extend to both the disc and the surround that holds the disc and the image options are limitless. The cord colours can equally be customised and themed.

Made in Italy. There are many variations that also customise the price, but wholesale prices are in the region of £6 / 7e / $7. POP and retail POS are also available.

About Le Kevin:

Le Kevin is a luxury optical and lifestyle accessories brand owned and developed by Michele Quastel.

Each precision product is lovingly prototyped and handcrafted in our leather workshops in Germany and Italy.

With an expansive range of glasses holders and phenomenal lifestyle accessories, Le Kevin also curates luxury collections in precious metals and cultured woodworking with illustrious partners in Italy and Hungary.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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