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At Silmo Paris, we had a little #TEFtalk with Carole Riehl from Optic for Good. I’m sure many of you know her from doing our TEF Eco shoots in her hometown of Paris, where she helps us to showcase “sustainable” eyewear brands, but Carole has taken ECO eyewear to a whole new level.

With her platform Optic for Good, Carole drives to empower eyewear brands that use innovative techniques and preserve know-how, that put environmental preservation at the heart of their business. But her goal is also to engage consumers and opticians in the new world and all of this will be verified throughout her audit process, which follows a precise charter to make sure that these brands and retailers are Optic for GOOD!.

At her Silmo booth, she showed the latest styles of sustainable eyewear brands like MonkeyGlasses, Brevno, and Le Coq et L’Abeille, which you can find in our little video here, but on the Silmo floors, we saw Optic for Good logos hanging above booths like Frod’s, Jam’ Vision, Mita, Ninu Mur, Sea2See, Sonia B and VM L’Atelier, who were also approved to join her platform.

Read more about this platform on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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