Cazal Legends Showcase

Welcoming Season 2 Episode 1 ‘The Ultimate Cazal Legends Showcase’ from The Optical Gallery YouTube channel. An enthusiastic bunch of opticians from London, UK, with an appetite for niche eyewear and brands that solely specialise in eyewear. In the past, we have seen them showcase frames from the likes of; Kuboraum & Theo Eyewear. This new episode shows them showcasing the iconic Legends 2022 collection from the German brand Cazal in their lifestyle visual trait.

Stating that ‘the UK is always 10 years behind the rest of the optics world’, and brands such as Cazal haven’t been embraced by the UK public, compared to the likes of America and Germany. The team throw a small trunk show for some of their clients in which you can see models such as the limited edition 003, and the new beast of a model, the 678 to name a few.

Cazal was designed by the late Cari Zalloni who died in 2012. He revolutionised eyewear design back in the 80s. His designs defined the 80s Hip Hop style and the brand quickly grew a cult following around the world. Everyone in their lifetime whether they realise it or not has most probably seen a pair of Cazal sunglasses. They have been worn by some of your favourite musicians, been seen in some of your favourite Hollywood movies and some of your favourite celebrities wear Cazal sunglasses.

The Legends collection features some of Cazals most iconic frames that have continued to be produced, due to the reasons stated above. To this day the Legends collection still carries some of their best sellers and has been the inspiration to other eyewear brands over the years. This is why some may say Cari Zalloni was a visionary.

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Nicos Antoniades FBDO

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