Snob Milano // Collab with Variation Design

Italy-based Franco Sordelli has signed a partnership with French eyewear company Variation Design for the distribution in France of the SNOB Milano brand. Effective immediately, the new distribution setup has been defined on the occasion of the most recent edition of Silmo.

  • We have known Dominique Varlet and his company for many years and are excited about entering into a new partnership with them. There is tremendous growth potential for our brand in France and all Francophone countries and we are very comfortable that they share our ambitions and will hit the market thanks to their distribution capabilities.

At the dawn of Variation Design, a daring dream: To provide all wearers with high aesthetic and technical answers. Today, Dominique Varlet dresses all eyes, from the star of the schoolyard to the businesswoman concerned with fashion detail, through the fashionista student or the trendy grandpa freshly retired. In this huge diversity, all styles agree around this creative melody, constantly renewed.

  • I was seduced by the quality of the products, the idea is to widen our range with quality products; SNOB Milano proved to be a qualitative collection, modern & trendy! In this way, we welcome SNOB Milano eyewear to our collection!

About SNOB Milano:


SNOB Milano is a pioneer collection of flat lenses, masks, and magnetic clip-ons, the latter – featuring exclusive ZEISS Sunlens lenses – nowadays renowned as the signature line of the brand. Founded in 2014 – SNOB Milano is proudly and rigorously ‘Made in Italy’: each style is studied and designed in Milan while the production takes place in the property manufacturing unit in Venegono Inferiore – Varese eyewear district – which recently celebrated 100 years of history in eyewear production.

Design, research, and experimentation are elements that characterize the pathway and planning of this brand that has distinguished itself since its debut as a creator and forerunner of trends with a strong impact.

The success of the brand is mainly due to the use of innovative and high-quality materials, but attention to detail is the icing on the cake. In short, a perfect encounter between Made in Italy and design interpreted in a cool, sophisticated, and modern way.

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One of the key focus of the brand for 2022 is to take a step forward in the sustainability process and leave a lighter footprint. Starting this season the clip-on collection fits only exclusive ZEISS Sunlens climate-friendly lenses with the low environmental impact made of eco-friendly nylon. – the synergy with ZEISS Sunlens dates way back and SNOB Milano is extremely proud of it.

Silmo 2022 greeted the new Bio Lux line, made of bio-plastic derived from oils combined with beta-titanium: a bold and refined range of new-generation clip-on eyewear.

Also, the company is investing in sustainability and last year 40% of the energy used was self-generated showing once again the ability to revolutionize adapting to changes. In this regard, even the plastic packaging used until now has been replaced by materials derived from corn. The path taken by the brand is very clear: to immerse in the search for new environmentally friendly materials, without ever losing sight of the aesthetics, quality, and performance of the products.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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