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For the fall of 2022, the Austrian premium brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR presents a range of new optical glasses made of titanium and the company’s renowned material naturalPX. Considered the golden season of nature, fall counts as the transition between summer and winter with its vibrant colour scheme which serves as the inspiration for the optical eyewear models. Minimalistic designs combined with naturally bright and clear colours, therefore, define the aesthetic theme of the five optical shapes.

Embedded in mystical landscapes, the campaign “Shapeshifter” plays in this way with the shaping of nature and is a reference to the sustainable brand philosophy of the premium brand. The five eclectic models profess supreme comfort due to the outstanding material composition, developed and guaranteed by the company’s precise craftsmanship and meticulous expertise.

An interplay of delicate designs and strong materials

The nature-oriented campaign is reflected in three optical models made of high-quality Beta titanium. Classic shapes reinterpreted are subject to a luminous colour scheme and convince not only with high design standards but also with excellent wearing comfort. The extremely durable Beta titanium from Japan not only ensures the special lightness of the glasses but is also considered particularly sustainable due to the minimal use of materials. The shapes JONA, VIKTOR, and MARLIN will be available in four natural shades each from November for 420 euros.


The frames EMMA and CHARLIE made of the 65 % plant-based material naturalPX also demonstrate that design and sustainability go hand in hand. Obtained from GMO-free castor beans, this material in combination with recycled stainless steel is particularly innovative and at the same time offers eyewear designs with an exceptional feel and maximum dimensional stability. The shapes EMMA and CHARLIE will be available in four colours each from November for 250 euros


The campaign was inspired by the flexible characteristics of the resistant, durable materials used to make the glasses. They symbolize the unique potential of people to continually reinvent themselves, which is necessary to constantly engage in change and explore new paths.

NEUBAU EYEWEAR_Shapeshifter Collection_November 2022 (10)
NEUBAU EYEWEAR_Shapeshifter Collection_November 2022 (6)
NEUBAU EYEWEAR_Shapeshifter Collection_November 2022 (9)
NEUBAU EYEWEAR_Shapeshifter Collection_November 2022 (8)

About the SHAPESHIFTER campaign:

The campaign for “SHAPESHIFTER” was created and shot by South African-based photographer Nadia von Scotti. Her extraordinary connection with nature and design resulted in a series of images in which the models of the new product line are presented in the breathtaking scenery of Santorini.


With “Sustainable Avantgarde” as its credo, Austrian brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR is synonymous with excellent design in the premium eyewear segment, based on the foundations of a sustainable brand philosophy. Since it was established in 2016, the committed label has been combining aesthetically designed sunglasses and spectacles with the highest quality standards and dynamic technological innovation. The brand’s idealism is reflected in its utmost respect for people and the planet, along with its use of bio-based materials and resource-efficient “Handmade in Austria” production. After introducing its 100% bio-based material innovation natural3D, independent company NEUBAU EYEWEAR will continue to focus on the further development of progressive ideas to set new benchmarks in style and sustainability.

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