CARIN // Brand Introduction

Taking to heart the attitudes of Northern European aesthetics of Scandinavia, CARIN focuses on classic and simple details to highlight each individual’s inherent beauty. Through gentle attention to detail and handcrafted technique, CARIN marries the modern with practical Scandinavian design to create an image that anyone can wear with ease.

Carin Feather Fit line

The feather-fit line is the one of the most sought-out products in Carin which optimizes smoothness and comfortability of the user. The feather fit line is the combination of the word ‘feather’ and ‘fit’ which reflects the lightness and the suitableness of the glasses.

Ever since the pandemic leading to facial masks and work-from-home as an everyday trend, it has resulted in a spike of demand for light-weight glasses. Carin has payed close attention to the changes in the customer needs, and has reflected such needs into our new feather-fit line.

Timeless comfort

Carin has developed a semi-permanent hinge that minimizes hinge screw deterioration and has applied such technology into the new feather fit line.


Based on the accumulated sales data and survey analysis of customer needs, Carin has applied the top 3 customer demands for glasses shapes to Round, Oval, and Square in the new feather-fit line, allowing customers to pick the glasses best suited for their own face shape and preference.

Best selling sunglasses

Carin - Hailey
Carin - Katherine
Carin - Kirsten
Carin - Madeleine More

Best selling opticals

Carin - Alex
Carin - Blossem
Carin - Love
Carin - Olsen
Carin - Pinne



By fitting the temple in the shape of a bow, Carin reduces contact between the face side and the temple metal surface, providing a comfortable fit, and minimizing the major AS issues such as metal peeling and corrosion.


Carin’s signiture tip not only describes the Scandinavian identity using the dala horse symbol, but also has technical functions which shifts the center of gravity to the backward part of the glasses balancing the glasses to the optimal center. In addition, the cylindrical shape on the tip provides a smooth fit to the ears.


The Air-nose pad applied to the Carin glasses are made from silicon which improves the fitting and comfortability of the glasses to the nose, which enhances high adhesion to the skin. It also provides a flexible nose height adjustment.

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