Einstoffen // The Hinterland collection

This spring, despite everything going on at the moment, EINSTOFFEN will be launching its largest collection so far! Their team believes in the future, and as optimists, they try to see the positive sides of any situation.

One of those is that, with traveling being increasingly difficult, many of them experience a new passion in re-discovering their home region and its Hinterland. Their new collection was heavily inspired by trips they made through the backwoods of their hometown of Saint Gallen, so it’s back to their roots this spring!

Not only classic EINSTOFFEN qualities such as the innovative material mix or the hidden details are waiting for you. If you know the brand a bit, you would know they always have to try something new. No matter if it’s airtight engravings, elegant temple constructions, or newly released classics in exciting, fresh colors – the good is so close! They are hoping for some road trips to the hinterland as soon as the days get longer and the evenings milder. Hop on board with them, check out their website and experience the hinterlands for yourself!

About Einstoffen

Einstoffen is a young, innovative brand from Switzerland. In 2008, they set out to connect the worlds of street fashion and eyewear. They create highly personal objects for individualists who value style, yet have never lost their ability to laugh at themselves. Inspired by movies, music, art, and nature, Einstoffen combines elements that they believe to fit together: textile, stone and wood, new trends and classic designs, crazy ideas and strict quality consciousness.

Einstoffen Eyewear
Einstoffen Eyewear
Einstoffen Eyewear
Einstoffen Eyewear
Einstoffen Eyewear
Einstoffen Eyewear
Einstoffen Eyewear

Nature acts as a co-designer in each pair of Einstoffen specs. Each and every frame is as unique as the tree or rock it was cut from. They love the playful interaction between different colors, grains and textures in nature. The beauty of the original material is often stunning. To give the product the attention it deserves, each of their frames is handmade. Their passion belongs to natural materials such as wood or stone. They are the main components for that organic Einstoffen-look. Nevertheless, they do love experimenting with other materials as well because embracing the new and different enables us to create exciting and unusual designs.

Or read more about this cool brand on TEF Magazine.

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