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British sustainable eyewear brand Bird eyewear announce the launch of their new Blue Light Collection.

With an abundance of phone screens and endless zoom meetings, our eyes can end up being stimulated for prolonged hours. This over-consumption can leave our eyes feeling strained, and our minds fatigued. Wearing lenses that filter the higher energy blue light helps you concentrate and feel more relaxed at the end of each day.

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Blue light isn’t a bad thing, it’s found naturally in the light spectrum and is beneficial during daylight hours. Blue light sits right before ultraviolet in the light spectrum. It has a short wavelength and high energy levels (unlike red light for example).

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The Blue Light collection uses the same bio-acetate frames from our Clarity range, carefully finished with sprung hinges and adjustable temple ends to ensure the best fit.

So if you’re suffering with tired eyes, it’s a good time for a pair of blue birds to lend you a hand.

About Bird Eyewear

British sustainable eyewear brand Bird was founded in 2017 by three brothers Ed, Lawrence and Paul, from their hometown in Devon. A family of creatives with diverse interests, Bird represents their longstanding aspiration to collaborate on a venture combining business, design and social purpose.

Proudly the first and only B Corp Certified eyewear brand in the UK, for Bird, it’s about reframing what really matters – people and planet. Every pair of Bird eyewear sold gives back through their successful, long-term ‘Share Your Sun’ partnership with SolarAid; helping to distribute solar light to African communities.

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