Titanika Eyewear // light & comfort from Japan

Bar bridge style frames are a hot item this season but often give a masculine impression to the wearer. That’s not the case for this sleek design from Titanika Eyewear by Y Concept which Kristie was wearing at our Orlando lifestyle shoot. The flowing curves of its upper rim and exquisite sizing, give a soft and elegant impression.


This beta-titanium Japanese frame pursues the potential of titanium and uses its flexibility to the full. Its new screwless hinge embodies the brand’s minimalism. Here, Kristy is wearing their model TN6209, which is available in five colours as both sunglass or optical frame.

Titanika Eyewear - TN6209-GS
Titanika Eyewear - TN6209-whiteIPG
Titanika Eyewear - TN6209-navyTS
Titanika Eyewear - TN6209-BK
Titanika Eyewear - TN6209-roseIPG
Titanika Eyewear - TN6209

Titanika Eyewear by Y Concept

As part of the Y Concept family, Titanika is developed by “eyewear MEBIUS”, an optical shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. They create exquisite frames, made of Beta titanium which are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and give an ergonomic fit. All made in the excellent quality and design-philosophy which we know from a Made in Japan product.


Their goal is to have people wear comfortable glasses which are light-weight, stylish, suitable for all situations, and suits the wearer like a natural part of their face.

Shooting: TEFdoesORLANDO
Eyewear: Titanika TN6209 by Y Concept
Model: Kristie Nguyen, Affiliated Partner at Dr. Lite Medical Technology

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