OGI Seraphin // Embellish your Holidays!

Kayla is wearing a beautiful butterfly shape from the Seraphin collection of OGI Eyewear, which artful use of lines pairs well with hand-inlaid crystals, creating a dynamic movement across the frames. These frames are a new definition of fashion-forward design with a fresh new take on Swarovski crystals.


The Seraphin Shimmer is one of their new capsule collections, embellished with dazzling Swarovski crystals, where glamour of the past meets high-fashion refinement. It’s a collection is for the trendsetter. The concert lover. The life of the party. It’s for the unapologetically bold, the dreamer who longs for sparkling dresses and fountains of champagne.

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Designed by David Duralde, Seraphin Shimmer continues OGI Eyewear’s focus on trendsetting frames that transform and uplift. Paired with a touch of inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic vision of Jazz Age America and its indulgence, expression, and liberation, each piece in this collection feels like jewelry.

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Seraphin Shimmer is the first OGI Eyewear product line accented with hand-inlaid Swarovski crystals that will rock any holiday wardrobe. As with all our collections, each frame is carefully designed for durability and comfort. The glittering stones and super glam shapes give Seraphin Shimmer a standout look, carrying a precision, luxury, and show-stopping flare that will command a second glance.

Seraphin Shimmer embodies the spirit of premium American fashion, the desire to personalize, to turn heads, to feel confidence and freedom in a look that both flatters and defines. The right frames should empower and illuminate, and the aesthetics of this collection cover a range of stunning on-trend designs. From the sweeping architecture of the butterfly styles to a dynamic cat-eye design that radiates elegance, every piece is a perfect balance of artful geometry and the sparkling accents only Swarovski crystals can provide.

Think classic colors with a high contrast splash of glittering light. Whether you’re looking for a festive pair of frames for the holidays, searching for something unique and eye-catching, or just hoping to add a bit of brilliance to your daily grind, Seraphin Shimmer is sure to please.

Shooting: TEFdoesBOISE
Eyewear: Seraphin “Shimmer  by OGI Eyewear
Model: Kayla Ashlee, optical trainer at Spexy

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