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Heritage is key to our friend Martin Graf. The story behind a product design, where it comes from, how it was made. And not just for his classic car collection, but for his eyewear as well. Here, he is wearing an exclusive Windsor frame from the “Purium” collection of Gouverneur, their most customizable collection with more than 16 000 references. Consumers can choose between several shapes, several sizes, several bridges and among 18 colors of Windsor to finalize their personalization and make their frame truly unique.

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The Gouverneur collection is a contemporary blend of tradition and creative modernism, which finds its roots in the Jura valley, the cradle of the French eyewear industry. For over 150 years, skills were handed down by generations of craftsmen. The creation of quality frames is a priority to them, which is why they use precious metals such as platinum and gold.

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windsor purium
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The Gouverneur Audigier manufacture, more than 150 years of history

Created in 1878, the French Gouverneur Audigier is a manufacturer of glasses installed in Morez (Jura). Specialists of the roped branch, they are one of the oldest eyewear operating in the region. Their frames, entirely handmade and customizable, are available in two collections, Gouverneur and GOUV / AU, which totals thousands of references.

Real class is timeless. Gouverneur are bringing back original iconic masterpieces that have been developed and manufactured in their factory for 139 years. Attention to detail makes the difference between something good and something extraordinary. They are passionate about all the beautiful details because they make things more valuable over time.

Shooting: TEFdoesSUISSE
Eyewear: Purium by Gouverneur
Model: Martin Graf, editor in chief at EYEcom
Photographer: Tania Cater

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