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It’s getting warm out there, so Mariam is off for a walk, to meet with friends and go shopping, wearing a colourful frame style by Johann von Goisern. Their frame designs are the perfect balance between uniqueness and an everyday-accessory for glasses wearers with a penchant for the unusual.

Model 882 combines retro-elements with a modern twist and the colorfulness „JvG“-frames are well known for. The colors for this model are ranging from fur-like textures to vertical stripes in black and white, which underline the face shape perfectly.

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Colours simply feel good in sunlight. Our Sun collection proves this above all. Our sunglasses are a playground for bright colours and unusual shapes.

[URIS id=25835]

If you‘re into a more usual „everyday look“, then Model 716 is the frame design you’re looking for. The playful outlines caress the eye area perfectly and makes the colour layers work even better. Purple Stripes, a sunny yellow or turquoise-elements, this model is a perfect presentation for your enjoyment of life.

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Every Johann von Goisern frame is made to make life more colourful, not only because they help you see colours better!

[URIS id=25841]

Every Johann von Goisern design combines up to 20 different layers of cellulose acetate (97% natural cotton) with a special lamination technique, developed in house. This special technique, paired with a thorough research and design process creates trendy, harmonious colour combinations like this one. To this day, the brand and its products live and breathe the creativity and ideas of its inventor Johann Pomberger. The company is still firmly grounded on the values of its founder Johann: Relocating or even moving to another country is completely out of question.

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear: 882 sunglasses and 716 optical by Johann von Goisern
Model: Mariam Aslami of TheModernOD

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