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Kreuzberg Kinder – Different by definition

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”Gili Shani, Visionare & Co-Founder” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”17″]KREUZBERGKINDER was founded out of my own need of eyewear that reflects my personality & own style – which you may consider as unique, Yet with a price tag I can afford.


The brand is named after the neighbourhood of my residence – Kreuzberg, Berlin. Kreuzberg’s ebullient arts scene and receptivity of the other is my main source of inspiration[/perfectpullquote]

KREUZBERGKINDER is the only destination for the society of now, the “ME” culture, and the generation of the “SELFIE” to find hip, indie-style, distinctive eyewear that reflects their quirky lifestyle and edgy fashion. Kreuzbergkinder is not just an eyewear – it’s a statement.

The children of Kreuzberg, know exactly what it means to be free

They know that to be free is NOT about living a luxurious life on a yacht. Hell no. Being free is about breaking the rules. It’s about tagging your name on a wall on a moonless night. It’s about squatting in an abandoned building. It’s about planting a kiss on a lover’s lips, and who cares about their gender. It’s about embracing your own contrasts and passion regardless of what anyone else’s thinks.

These children are the inspiration at KruezbergKinder. Their designers believe that true freedom requires rule-breaking and that real creativity flourishes only where borders and boundaries are crossed. This is how they came up with rule-breaking glasses.


KREUZBERGKINDER was founded and established in Berlin, To satisfy our hunger for eyewear designed for us – The people who are different by definition, that thrive in the beauty of the diversity, hip, counter-culture, bold and edgy.

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They dreamed of an eyewear brand designed for everyone, but not everyone. Priced for their friends from the neighbourhood, with no compromise of the highest quality and materials. They are free, unchained & say fuck to conformism. They find the ordinary boring.

Welcome to KREUZBERGKINDER’s family – the NORDINARY eyewear

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