Gaston Eyewear // Passionately made in France

We are in back in L.A. where Amy is wearing a quirky frame by Gaston Eyewear which does not need rhinestones to make it shine! The Pigalle model is inspired by the hectic life of the eponymous Parisian district and its famous cabarets. An expressive, assertive form that plays with the gaze and which has a hypnotic power.

Gaston Eyewear

While shooting during the Corona lockdown, Amy had to shoot these in her own backyard but added some protection of her own as well.


After many years spent in an optical store specializing in designer frames, Benjamin Mezierei decided to create his own brand GASTON Eyewear, a collection of cellulose acetate glasses exclusively made in France. With his optical retail experience, he creates frames for your comfort, taking into consideration the different morphological constraints and the technical limits related to the manufacturing possibilities.

Gaston Eyewear - PIGALLE 86
Gaston Eyewear - PIGALLE 68
Gaston Eyewear - PIGALLE 46
Gaston Eyewear - PIGALLE 16
Gaston Eyewear - PIGALLE 85

Without succumbing to the dictates of fashion and trends, GASTON is made up of timeless atypical models. The shapes and colors make it an identity collection with a strong personality. This evolving collection in keeping with the times is enriched with several models each year.

Gaston glasses are the result of work carried out with passion and thoroughness in the Val de Loir. This local artisanal area, the know-how, and the technicality of their manufacturer allow them to offer high-quality frames while controlling the environmental impact of our activity.

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Pigalle by Gaston Eyewear
Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

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