Lightbird // Flying with new seasonal releases

After the first year debuts and the victory of the Silmo d’Or Première Classe 2019 – the flight continues towards the New Season. LIGHTBIRD, the Bellunese brand’s of the designer Corrado Rosson, will introduce the new models’ colors belonging to the first collection Light_Matter. New shapes and color combinations are the main characteristics of the frames.

The model is defined by a squared frame with a contemporary style. Characterized by minimalistic lines, this optical model is ideal for anyone who loves the classic Nerd style combined with a more contemporary touch for decisive, non-trivial and transversal looks. BUSINESSMAN C056 the Cubic Honey Havana front, Blue Navy satin metal and Night Blue temple.

Rounded or squared? Why choose? This women’s optical model offers a frame with a wide almost rounded front, defined within a polygonal structure. A 4.0 version of the classical ’60s models. Clean and precise lines are enhanced in the four original color combinations. The colours get more decisive and sporty in FLOWER LB020 C061 Cubic Honey Havana front, “Light Black” metal sandblasted, CubicHoney Havana temple.

LIGHTBIRD’S D.N.A. is linked to innovation and industrial technology. LIGHT_MATTER is the result of the union of two materials: Italian acetate and hi-tech aluminium alloy. Special features such as lightness and stability. Each pair of glasses is also linked to the company’s website, Light_NEST, through a unique QR code, one of LIGHTBIRD’s special features.

Free press release: LIGHTBIRD

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