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Jean-François Rey continues his experimentation of multiple forms of architecture and contemporary art by introducing new innovative metal models in the line BLOW UP. Worked in a refined and very contemporary spirit, they stand out for their creative design, imbued with new graphic effects around colored metal. The style of the collection is supported by the architectural construction of the face in aerial volumes, build in a fluid and controlled superposition of fine metal cutting.


The assembly of the pieces is meticulously thought, researching for artistic double play between shapes and colors so that each frame looks like no other. This concept also offers greater freedom in the creation of endless ranges of colors and combinations of material effects and finishes.

JF Rey Eyewear - JF28882505
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28888500
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28883085
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28892585
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28889050
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28893070
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28962550 __
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28960575
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28970045
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28964550
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28969030
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28972590
JF Rey Eyewear - JF28970520

The intensity of the colors, the elegance of the shapes and the visual power of the frames sign a strong and modern urban silhouette. Check out the whole collection on their website.

Advertorial: Jean-François Rey

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