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OTTOMILA, meaning 8000 in Italian, is a project that started in 2012 in New York City. It is a collaboration between a group of international creatives, reinventing eyewear one frame at a time. It draws inspiration by blending a vast field of categories such as the sartorial world and the pioneers of extreme sports including the first mountaineers and car racers who tested vertical and horizontal limits of human endurance and speed.

Combining these elements with cutting edge technology and the highest performing modern-day materials, 8000Eyewear is surpassing conventions and moving beyond the present into the future.


The mission is to keep reinventing the lens and the frame around them, stripping it down to the essential to achieve the ultimate lightness combined with the best visual experience. Focusing on the world of technology, equipment, and mechanics where function is the ultimate form of beauty. The uniqueness of the product lies in its simplicity while honoring an expression of craftsmanship that prefers durability over the ephemeral. The result is as timeless as it is contemporary.

The frames are entirely handcrafted in Italy and each model is a limited edition production with a maximum of 8000 copies. As a testimony of the uniqueness and obsessive attention to detail, quality, and form, each product is marked with a serial number on the inside of the temples. Finally, they are presented in a customized genuine leather pouch, also handcrafted in Italy.

OTTOMILA is committed to using only the most performing filters for your eyes, hence the best lenses on the market. The collection mounts Barberini mineral glass lenses while the ultra-light series mounts lenses from Zeiss.

2019 Novelties:

8000eyewear continues its progressive numerical evolution with the introduction of new models. Style 8M8 and 8M9 are additional new shapes aimed to enrich the ultra-light titanium family with curved Zeiss lenses. Style 8M10, 8M11ESAGONALE and 8M12 are brand new worlds of their own within the collection. We are also presenting new frames to enrich the variety of the already existing collection. As 8M2 gets a big brother, 8M2L (LARGE), and the former 8m5S gets a lighter version without the side shield 8M5, these upgraded versions are additions to existing models.

klein 1 DSC_9945-Bearbeitet


In line with the DNA of the OTTOMILA eyewear, the range now widens into a collection dedicated to ophthalmic frames. OTTOMILA Rx is short for the Latin translation of recipes and it’s the brand’s own seal for clear vision. The lightness of the frame, holding and protection of the ophthalmic lens is the central component to ensure maximum comfort. The design is minimal, refined and elegant with simple and sophisticated shapes to help outline the face without being invasive. Components are being cared for in the smallest of details, with miniature decors on the temple inspired by the likes of renowned 20th-century architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright.

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