Chick Kids // Inspired on famous cartoon heroes

The company CHICK was born in 2007, from the ideas of Antonio Ferretto and Alessia Pavanello, both working before as designers for more than 10 years for an important European high-end trendy brand of eyewear.

Located very close to Venice, in the northeast part of Italy, the company grew up very fast in the internal market in the first years due to the innovative solutions used for their frames, this already starting from the first collection, with combinations of memory plastic, acetate, metal and wood.

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The company has developed and registered a worldwide patent on its frames, based on the possibility to strongly and easily reduce and bend the temples, which is a very important point of power when offering a collection totally dedicated to kids. This, added to a comfortable and soft fitting, an extremely flexible hinge (180°), a very large range of sizes, from 37 to 52, and of colours (12 each model) make today the CHICK KIDS collection be one of the most complete collection worldwide, adding also several models in acetate with the same 180° flex concept.

Technically CHICK KIDS frames are made of a memory effect plastic deriving from the material used for the straps of the watches, with 180° changeable aluminium flex and very innovative and patented adaptable temples in length. Colours are inspired to the most famous cartoons heroes for boys and girls, with an addition of a few basic colours made recognising the main market’s requests. This memory plastic doesn’t break using alcoholic products as it happens with the normal TR90, a thing that always happen with the normal TR90. For the cleaning, it’s just enough to use water and soap, for the lens fitting it’s recommended to heat the frame a little to protect the colour inside the eye rim from scratches.

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To this collection it was added as a new entry in the collection, also the metal and acetate frames for kids with the same hinges and charming colours, with an enlarged years target to reach also the teenager customers.

With a very good working after-sales service CHICK KIDS became very fast one of the most popular technical kids brand all around Europe and the rest of the world. Actually it is distributed in 77 different countries worldwide.

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