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opti offers a platform for product premieres for both international market leaders and start-ups alike. Together with our friends at Eyecom Magazine, we have put together a list of must-see brands at the show. A wide variety of brands, from classic heritage to urban coolness. There’s a lot to see for everyone this year!

Spectacle Eyeworks

Spectacle Eyeworks Inc., the Canadian design house, unveils three stunning new mixed-material styles to their vast and voluminous Spectacle Eyeworks house collection. The combination of stainless steel and acetate on each design creates a union that integrates the bold and exciting with a divine sense of harmonic grace. The hybrid of components collaborates to accentuate the beauty in one another.

From the masculine stance of Doug with its oxidized steel brow piece, the curved sensuality of Yvette, and the daring rustic metal Bijou complete with acetate accents above the eye line, this trio defies convention.

Hall C1, Stand 125

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In 2020, Austrian eyewear manufacturer neubau eyewear will be redefining the production of its sustainable models and therefore achieving another milestone on its path to sustainability: in the future, the label will be using a method that produces glasses from a 100% bio-based material – natural3D – that will be exclusively used with 3D printing technology. The high-tech production is particularly resource-efficient because layers of powdered natural3D are fused together using a laser and any residual material is reused.

neubau eyewear presents two collections made of the innovative material at opti 2020, including the Special Edition 2020.

Hall C3, stand 319

Unique Design Milano​

UDM is a brand that is constantly changing, both with respect to design, which looks at the past looking for modernity, and with respect to quality, always looking for workmanship, finishes and technical solutions aimed at creating a completely new product, untied from the classical canons, which makes them free to express their vision.

The brand has been founded by two friends during the university period with the idea to create a contemporary eyewear brand and all the collection is inspired by the daily facts that happen around them and in the world.

They truly have a story to tell so go check out their booth at Opti!

Hall C2, BOX 15



Savile Row4
Savile Row2
Savile Row1
Savile Row3


Savile Row

Retro shapes remain the foundation of the Savile Row collection and are still popular after John Lennon made his round eye famous in the ’60s, as well as the timeless panto style of Eric Clapton.

Today, it is the only eyewear manufacturer in the UK, the plant is still in operation today. The manufacture of glasses on the original machines is still used to make the glasses recently worn by Harry Potter, Denzel Washington and Johnny Depp.

Using antique tools and machines, their craftsmen can  make entirely bespoke frames for which customers can specify eyeshape, different types of bridge and temples, various colours and lens type.

Hall C2, booth 608


A touch of aristocracy is the keyword for KWIAT’s 2020 EXCLUSIVE that comprises of 4 main sub-lines: Sassy Glitter for women who don’t mind standing out in the crowd, Passion Red for tempting free spirits, Ultra Black to reinvent classic shapes and Titanium Gods for everyone, cause it’s light, modern and só sleek!

New frames in graceful colors, Swarovski crystal embellishments, popping bold prints, sexy edgy embossments and new geometric shapes for those who think out of the box

KWIAT prides itself on having nearly 30 years of experience in the field of eyewear design and manufacturing. Love is an essential part of their DNA. 

Hall C3, Stand 530




EINSTOFFEN will be launching it biggest collection in the brand’s eleven-year-history this OPTI. It’s called «Stand Tall, Run Free» and celebrates independent minds and free spirits.

While the Swiss designers stay true to their unique style combining natural resources such as wood or stone with technical materials such as titanium, they step their well-known attention to detail up a notch.

The new collection features a few quite exceptional models with micro-engravings worked underneath the acetate-cover of the frame and tiny wooden coins inside metal temples. Also check out their matte double-colored titanium frames, they are quite an eyecatcher. If you like sustainable, easily wearable frames with a surprising twist, EINSTOFFEN might be the brand for you.

Hall C2, Stand 511



Helden Optical 4
Helden Optical 3
Helden Optical 1
Helden Optical 2


Helden Optical

On their third Opti adventure, the Dutch brand Helden Optical will debut with new designs. Their new collection is made from the finest 8mm acetate plates and is based, of course, on their best shapes. The colors are fresh and bright. 

The fundament is in the shape of their lenses: time and time again specific shape designs turn out to be the best in wearability and style. Most of the fundamental eyewear-designs have been around since there are spectacles and they will probably remain even longer. When you are aware of this knowledge, the most beautiful things arise. This is helden.

They are eager to show you what they have been working so hard on over the past year, so check out their opti booth!

Hall C1, stand 618

NOS – Luxul

The 50-year history of this company provides the experience and wisdom to pursue a new vision for the future. Even if icons of the past are reinterpreted, the concept of evolution is always present. To take an existing starting point and then guide it on a new path is the spirit of exploration and evolution that makes the NOS brand so special.

In the NOS collection the keynote is stylistic harmony and the perferct balance of form and materials, in line with the dictates of minimalism,

the cornerstone of its design. The inspiration for this eyewear is the notion of essentiality, meaning aesthetic purity and freedom from all superfluity.

Hall C2, stand 115



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Nirvan Javan

At this year’s OPTI, the Swiss designer brand NIRVAN JAVAN beside the actual collection presents for the first time its exclusive models of the PREMIUM EYEWEAR. The designer speaks from a more courageous still elegant dimension, accentuating the appearance of human expression and reinforcing its character.

The pure aesthetic elegance of the glasses creates the perfect frame for every individual who chooses a pair of exclusive designer glasses from the NIRVAN JAVAN EYEWEAR collection.

Their collection currently includes 26 optical models and eight sunglasses, all of which were designed by Nirvan Javan. They have been available in Switzerland since spring 2016.

Hall C2, stand 327


after this year’s debuts and the victory of the Silmo d’Or Première Classe – Lightbird‘s flight continues towards OPTI, Munich’s eyewear fair. From January 10th to 12th, the designer Corrado Rosson will present the new models belonging to the Bellunese brand’s first collection. New shapes and color combinations are the main characteristics of the frames exhibited at the German show.

The homonymous patented material from the Venetian company testifies to its D.N.A. linked to innovation and industrial technology. LIGHT_MATTER is the result of the union of two materials: Italian acetate and hi-tech aluminium alloy. Special features such as lightness and stability become the protagonists of the new BUSINESSMAN and FLOWER optical models.

Hall C2, Box 9

LIGHTBIRD 202011978_pp
LIGHTBIRD 202012912_pp_asta colore giusto
LIGHTBIRD 202012729_pp


frank and lucie
Frank and Lucie
Frank and Lucie
Frank and Lucie
Frank and Lucie


Frank and Lucie

Frank and Lucie is one of the best and most distinctive ready-made reading glasses concepts and will exhibit at Opti for the first time this year.

This spring Frank and Lucie is launching a slightly more trendy collection; Ocean Odyssey collection, inspired by colors of the Mediterranean sea and the beaches that border it.

Glasses chains, the hit of 2020, in large, trendy links made of acrylic or, on the contrary, delicate ribbon / metal combinations.

In addition, all 8 models are also available in bestseller colors black, havanna, greyvanna and amber brown.

Hall C3, stand 125

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