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At todays TEFdoesAMSTERDAM, Zoë and her friends are enjoying one of the last warm days of the season. Being outside, skating and playing soccer in the sun while feeling well protected wearing these indestructible sunnies by Miraflex. Fitted with the E-SunTM Kolor-UpTM lenses by Essilor Sun Solution, they can enjoy being outside and discover all the colors in the world.

Zoë wears sun04_240 by Miraflex
Solange wears sun04_241 by Miraflex
Denzell wears sun04_241 by Miraflex
Zoë and Friends wearing Miraflex

Discovering the world around us is a newborn’s first form of learning. During their first three months babies see everything in black and white. But slowly, as time passes, everything starts to take shape and appear in all its nuances: a process that becomes richer day by day up until the age of six, something that is evident in the smiles and looks of amazement in children who are living a daily discovery. It is exactly in this phase of their life that their eyes need protecting from UV rays, but at the same time the marvelous process of life must be favored!
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The choice of a pair of sunglasses must first and foremost take into consideration quality. Lenses and frames must be indestructible, hypoallergenic and comfortable. But that’s not all. The choice of the lens itself is fundamental to the process of understanding, as dark lenses may protect but they also reduce color contrast and therefore penalize the vision of colors in all their brightness.

Zoe wears sun04_240 by Mirafex
Zoë and Friends wearing Miraflex
Solange wears sun04_241 by Miraflex
ZoëP wears sun01_717 by Miraflex

Essilor Sun Solution E-SUN™ KOLOR UP™ lenses, made from polycarbonate to increase resistance to impacts, and therefore safety, enhance the beauty of the colors as they have an incorporated color equalizer, which improves color perception while reducing light intensity. These lenses, in addition to blocking UV radiations also absorb blue light, improving color sensitivity and contrast for more natural vision and unparalleled visual comfort. Just as in an exciting, fantastical game, it is the lenses which help children discover all the colors in the world. For almost thirty years, Miraflex has been synonymous with children’s spectacle frames.

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Today about 80 models, with over 800 combinations of colors, sizes and shapes, cover the needs of children and teenagers, starting from newborn. Made with light and flexible materials, they are very safe and take into consideration the skull-facial measurements of children to optimally distribute the weight of the frame, increasing patient comfort. Miraflex frames are recommended by eye care professionals whether they are ophthalmologists, orthoptists or optometrists. Miraflex has always paid a lot of attention to the visual health of children whether they are infants or teenagers and has developed a new line of sunglasses based on Essilor Sun Solution E-SunTM Kolor-UpTM lenses.

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Miraflex / Essilor Sun Solution
Models: Zoë & Friends
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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