Monoqool // SUSTAIN 3D printed ecological eyewear

Taking good care of the environment is high on many consumers agenda. Making sustainable choices when shopping is becoming a mega trend. Now Monoqool is also doing theirs to reduce the environmental impact from the manufacturer of glasses. Taking a further innovative leap Monoqool is as one of the first in the world introducing sustainable materials for 3D printing. The new SUSTAIN sunglasses are made from a raw material based on a fully renewable material; beans made into oil. Monoqool launches the limited edition sunglasses SUSTAIN available to only 100 stores worldwide. The first 100 optical stores can reserve their copy of these new sustainable sunglasses here!

3d printing is revolutionizing how and where we produce glasses

With 3D printing companies are taking back manufacturing closer to home. Instead of making the glasses in the Far East, 3D technology enables Monoqool to do the 3D printing in Denmark. The result is a big reduction in CO2 used for transportation of the glasses.


Additionally, 3D printing helps Monoqool reduce the stock level and work on a just-in-time production flow. This helps to avoid one of the big pains in the eyewear industry. ‘Dead stock’ which in the end must be disposed us hurting not only the economy, but also the environment.


3d printing = additive manufacturing

3D printing is also called ‘Additive Manufacturing’. Contrary to traditional eyewear production like for example metal or acetate glasses, where you cut out the glasses from a piece of raw material and dispose of up to 85% of the raw material. With 3D printing only the actual raw material going into making the frame is used. This means that up to 98% of all raw material can be recycled and use for 3D printing again.


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Eyewear: Monoqool – 3d printed eyewear
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