Düsseldorf Eyewear – Return of the Retrovibe

This year, the Retrovibe has returned to all walks of life, and our friends at Düsseldorf Eyewear have combined different looks and the latest retro trend in their frame designs. Thin edges and materials create a nostalgic flair, and the various experimentation in shapes bring it back to modern day design. Their focus is on metal frames made of titanium or stainless steel, which offer lightness and comfort. The frames with a thin metal edge are discreet and unobtrusive, but very trendy. Eyecom editor Martin Graf is wearing several of their frames in and around his hometown near the Swiss border.

The  distinctive shape and the matt look of their model “Merowingerplatz” features subtle shades of a special seriousness, which is broken by its fashionable oversize look – Business with style.


Model: Merowingerplatz  –  Material: titanium  –  Size: 55-18-143  –  Colors: blue, black

The stylish oversize “Stadtwald” is made of lightweight stainless steel, guaranteeing its comfort despite its size.


Model: Stadtwald  –  Material: stainless steel  –  Size: 56-18-140  –  Colors: Gun, Gold

Timeless, discreet and reputable in their appearance, you cant go wrong with their model Mörsenbroich.


Model: Mörsenbroich  –  Material: titanium  –  Size: 56-13-150  –  Colors: Chrome, Gun, Black

About the brand:

Patrionism, experimentation and trend awareness are what make a Düsseldorf Eyewear a very special accessory. Eyewear not only as a visual aid, but as an expression of the character, discover as a way of life – That is what Düsseldorf Eyewear is all about.

The diversity of their city Düsseldorf was processed in their designs, to match your appearance perfectly with their fashionable, character-strong designs and high end materials, giving you the freedom to be yourself. Inspired by the daily life, their designers move through the city, breathing in the soul of the Rhine river and terraces.

During the Night Life in  Old-town or just to the bar around the corner, they see hip old buildings, cobbled streets in between, an old warehouse with brick and rusty steel girders behind. A few hundred meters away are new, modern buildings made of glass, steel and smooth concrete. These different characters and experience and all their cool facets are embedded in the core of the brands design. Like to know more, check out their website at duesseldorf-eyewear.com

Shooting: TEFdoesSIUSSE
Eyewear: Düsseldorf Eyewear
Model: Martin Graf, editor in chief at EYEcom
Photographer: Tania Cater

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