Prue by Ronit Furst

Prue By Ronit Furst

In the optical world, Ronit Furst is well known for their vibrant, fun and colourful hand-painted frames. In the UK a chef called Prue Leith has been spotted wearing them on a very popular british baking show. Everyone became a bit obsessed with her colourful eyewear, as well as the show itself.

Prue herself has been a fan of the brand Ronit Furst for over 10 years so this first ever Prue by Ronit Furst collection seems like a natural marriage between them. The only difference between this collection and the normal Ronit Furst range is that they are not hand painted. The reason being is to help reduce costs as Prue’s vision was to give consumers something fun but still relatively affordable.

Ronit Furst have been working on this colouring technique for over 2 years in order to achieve this hand painted look. Their goal was to get them looking as close to the hand painted finish as possible. To celebrate the launch, I did a little video to introduce you guys to the new Prue by Ronit Furst range. There are 12 styles to the collection and each style comes in 6 colours. In the video I was only showing you all a handful otherwise it will be a looong video. Ha!

I hope you enjoyed watching and if you want to find out more about either Ronit Furst or the Prue by Ronit Furst range then please head to their website.

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