Mass with class

Bold. Filigree. Light. Titanium. Metal. These are probably the keywords that describe the current collections of the manufacturers best. Maximum comfort is guaranteed, lightness is highly valued and restrained design highly praised. But what do you think when I say that the mass has the class?

Less is more

Really? Maybe not always, because in fact, the trend of metal eyewear, thin frames and real lightweights is an absolute must-have in the business. The demand for these glasses is still growing steadily and the graduated trend is also well presented on the advertising images. Everyone will know the benefits of this trend and probably appreciate. That’s a good thing. But in addition to all this restraint, a series of eyewear always has room. It’s the bold vintage classics that are heavy on the face, yet convincing in style, elegance and classic. These glasses are already more than just a trend. They are a certain way of life and support a very specific lifestyle. A lifestyle that is surrounded for example by classic cars, pleasant wine, good food and breathtaking sunsets.

Christopher Cloos - Faceprint
Neubau - Faceprint
Christopher Cloos - Faceprint

Elegance that always remains

Trend or not, the bold retro glasses were always there, are still there and will most likely still be there in the future. Luckily! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. As an eyewear blogger, I follow a lot of trends, do research and act, I try and maybe dare more about the designs. But as a true eyewear wearer with -9.00 diopters at both eyes, it’s a good feeling to be able to rely on the vintage classics. It is good to wear eyewear with a certain elegance and to belong to the lifestyle of the „Bon Vivant“ people. (As a bon vivant we refer to a person who is dedicated to the pleasant side of life, especially good food.) It is a great feeling to wear eyewear in which my rather thick glasses are well hidden. So not every trend has to be in your wardrobe, but elegance and style always have a place on the face.

Blogpost published  first in DOZ
Marina Schedler Photography & Faceprint
Eyewear: Christopher Cloos model Paloma & Leon Max

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