Vista Bonita – Reading will never be the same!

It’s becoming a real trend for opticals around the globe to sell ready-made reading glasses. They provide additional sales and can be a step towards multifocal progressives. Vista Bonita makes buying and wearing reading glasses even more fun for all women who like to wear trendy reading glasses. And there are quite a few of them!

Vista Bonita reading glasses are sold in a hip bag containing not only the frame but also a case, a cleaning cloth, a cord and a lens spray. This makes reading glasses more like the beauty products that women have fewer issues with to spend a lot of money on.

vista bonita with pouch and spray
vista bonita
vista bonita display
vista bonita look

Vista Bonita chose one trendy model, which is very light-weight and now available in 4 transparent colours. The colours of the bag and the contents change per season. A unique and luxurious, powder-coated metal display will be provided, showcasing 24 filled bags and a string presentation of the trial glasses. The consumer can fit himself and then find the desired colour and strength on the side of the bag. Easy for both the consumer and the retailer.

vista bonita products

This spring collection, the theme is Cactus-flower. The cactus theme can be found on the pouch, the cloth and on the inside of the bag. The glasses have names that match the collection: Salinas Pink, Lacbay Blue, Kadushi Silver and Ibiza Queen. Every 6 months the collection changes its theme, in colour and in print, which is also clearly visible on the display through a fresh magnet visual.
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Each season a new charity is chosen to which an amount of each sold glasses is donated. This summer it is The Donkey Sanctuary on Bonaire. Extensive visual material, social media posts, and a b2c video are available free of charge and with its advised retail price of €29,50 and a great margin, its a deal as clear as their readers.

For more information, visit their website!

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