The most productive ways to promote your store as an ECP

We live in an era of social media where people spent most of their time staring into their phone. It’s not surprising that all the businesses are trying to get into this piece of plastic. So let’s see how you, as a shop owner, can get into this space and take up the right place.

Use the Facebook Page App

Even if you have a social media manager it’s better to sometimes check the statistic of your Facebook business page yourself. The Facebook Page App (the ‘yellow flag Facebook app’ for iPhone or Android) offers you an easy way to analyze your pages updates, followers, massages and other statistics. Are you planning some fabulous ads? Download the Facebook Ads App (for Android or iPhone) as well. Facebook is doing everything possible to maintain and develop businesses in their local networks. It’s no secret anymore that you’ll find an older audience on Facebook, so we suggest to post about ‘how to keep your eyes healthy’ for older people, make a video-blog from your store about eyecare tips.

Be on Instagram

There is no need to tell you that Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media channels and it’s perfect for the eyewear industry. It’s a totally new planet where guys and girls become bloggers and can even earn thousands (and some even millions) of dollars. Are you wondering why? The app offers a thousand ways to edit, filter and, brand photos and videos. And the app fuels analytics and insights. You can also make stories, live streams, and there are Snapchat features. Not bad, not bad.

social media content

Don’t forget to use video content

A great way to increase your Instagram engagement rate, brand engagement or find new audiences who need your services is to make video content. A powerful video is one of the most effective ways of getting through to people who are already spending their time online.

How to make a cool video? Let’s imagine that you already have a high-quality camera built into your smartphone, so you just need some good apps for editing your raw content and preparing it for publication.

Video content tool tip #1 – Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse by Instagram (for iPhone) and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (for Android) is a simple app to help you shoot smooth and stable time-lapse videos, or quickly upload and enhance your existing videos. Say goodbye to long videos that no one watches.

Video content tool tip #2 – Aristo

Artisto is a very interesting video editor that adds art effects to a video, turning it into a work of art. You must have seen the bright photos taken with the Prisma app (for Android or iPhone) on Instagram. Artisto adds similar filters, but not to the photo, but to the video. It turns out, in my opinion, quite original!

Video content tool tip #3 – Lumyer

The Lumyer app adds realistic video effects to your photos. You can choose from more than 100 animation effects that will make your photos move and more interesting. There are actually a lot of effects: from completely innocent, like a shining sun or adding rain, to the addition of a lip-licking tongue or a girl in a bikini. I am sure that everyone will find something suitable here. I recommend you try it for free!

Get over your video shame and do some live broadcasts

Almost all major bloggers go live. It brings them even closer to subscribers and helps them with the promotion of ‘their brand’ on Instagram. Even if you have an account for business – the live broadcast will show subscribers that you and your store are authentic and real and that you are not a fake dummy account. The main difference between Live Broadcasting and IGTV (a sort of YouTube on Instagram with vertical videos) is the ability to communicate with subscribers and receive an instant response.


How often should you post?

I hear you think. ‘This is all cool Tanya, but when should I do all this? I have a store to run.’ So the big question is: How often should you post on social media? Well, basically every day. Or at least almost every day. No, you are not spamming people, because Instagram and Facebook decide what group of followers get to see your posts. Mostly only about 5 to 10% of your followers on Facebook see your post.

So if you post something on social media every day, chances are higher than your followers actually see you on social media. But, what if today you don’t feel like writing? Or you have some other plans? Or you just can’t find the inspiration today? There is an easy solution for this.

If you need a quick shot of inspiration – try Embrosa (for iPhone or Android). The Embrosa App always has something interesting for you. The app offers you marketing visuals and ready-made social media posts. You can use them as inspiration or post them directly. Embrosa really saves you time.

The professional pictures and videos (also branded content) you find in the app, can be used freely for all your marketing purposes. Think: social media, newsletters, flyers, and website. You can even schedule posts for the entire month ahead and that way spend more time focussing on your true passions. There are so many beautiful things in life. Don’t waste more time than necessary on your phone. Embrosa will take care of your social media.

About Embrosa

Embrosa is a Dutch company which creates technical solutions to give local entrepreneurs more marketing power. They started in 2017 in The Netherlands with the Embrosa app containing ready-made social media messages. Download their new app Embrosa (Google PlayApp Store): an app filled with professional visuals from optical brands. Opticians can download the visuals and use them for their online and offline marketing. Of course, TEF is shining also in this new app, check it out!

Brands: add your marketing content for free. Send an email to our chief content Myrthe: Get in contact with CEO/sales Melanie if you want info about advertising: app

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