TEFtalk – Haffmans and Neumeister

At the Bold Optical Fair, we hooked up with Philipp Haffmans from Haffmans and Neumeister again! After creating amazing eyewear for IC! Berlin and Mykita, Philipp once again did the impossible and created an eyewear collection that is super light. But with his new minimalistic hinge system, he was able to use thicker sheet metal, allowing his frames to be amazingly adjustable without adding any weight to it. Innovative stuff again from this master of eyewear design!


About Haffmans und Neumeister

Haffmans und Neumeister founders Daniel and Philipp have stood at the vanguard of eyewear design for over twenty years. With ic! berlin and MYKITA, they conquered and transformed the eyewear market through the invention of, and innovative experiments with, fat sheet-metal frames.
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Philipp Haffmans continues the tradition he pioneered twenty years ago of utilising a dogmatic design process that hones in on the absolute essential, stripping away artifce in favour of honouring the sincerity of the raw material. The new hinge design, an elegant and integrated execution, speaks to this ethos, highlighting the beauty of its technological solution.

Brand: Haffmans and Neumeister
Designer: Philipp Haffmans
TEFtalk location: Bold Optical Fair
Eyewear displays: Top Vision Group

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