Monaco Optics Trophies – New Eco category

At a time when ecological is a strong issue for future generations, the trend towards Up-cycling intensifies, this process consists of recovering materials or products that we no longer use to transform them into materials or products of superior quality or utility. Our friends at International Monaco Optics Trophies have decided to reward eco-responsible companies in the optics sector and to highlight glasses whose materials used or manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

visu eco fr ok

The glasses are now a true fashion accessory in their own right, so we can make “beautiful and clean” is the challenge that many eyewear companies wish to achieve. Several materials such as wood, recycled sea plastic, bamboo or shellfish and 3D printing are good examples of the knowledge of these French and International companies that innovate in this sector. TEF’s very own eco-expert Carole Rhiel, founder of the blog Les Lunettes Ecologique will be the ambassador of this new category.

“The best sustainable frame 2019” will be awarded for the first time at the International Monaco Optics Trophies which will take place on May 21, 2019 at Espace Léo Ferré in Monaco. For registration visit / @tropheesdeloptique

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