BOZ – Glamorous feminity

Entirely made in France, the new BOZ 2018/2019 collection offers great glamorous, aerial and very feminine shapes. Metal or combined metal and acetate, the frames are distinguished by an exceptional work realized on the metal, combining creative design, refinement of the stylistic details and chic finishes. Discover five new models that inspire luxury desires!



This beautiful metal frame hangs by its original and sophisticated silhouette. Made in the purest tradition of French eyewear, the model gives women an exceptional look, where elegance and refinement are illustrated through subtle details such as fine gold engravings and chic colors.

Model HOP

BOZ_HOP face

With a still futuristic and differentiating design, the model HOP is a continuation of FIXION and GALAXY recent past concepts. The architectural influences are illustrated in the oppositions of shapes and lines that agree in a very original contemporary geometry, exuding a certain chic, a certain elegance.



The strong identity of the model HAVANE holds in its great round shape, stylish and designed in a modern and trendy spirit. The model explores the codes of luxury, hidden in the small stylistic details: extremely fine gold engraving, chic colors that adorn and gently emphasize the glasses, extreme finesse of the metal, and perfectly balanced roundness.



This pretty roundly shape with a “classic” appearance wins in singularity thanks to the creative work that has been done on the metal. Folds and overlays of lines for volume, patterns engraved on the metal bringing relief and texture, and blue glasses with shimmering effects give the model a modern and futuristic look.

Model HIT


This metal and acetate combined frame is distinguished by a sophisticated balance of shape, materials and colors. The design is full of refined stylistic details that make it look like a “jewel frame”, desirable and very feminine. The work on the materials is demanding and very neat, relying on precious color charts, chic patterns finely engraved on the metal and the use of an acetate material that offers subtle colors gradation.

About BOZ Eyewear

Created at the end of the 90’s by Joëlle Rey, the wife of the designer and also Artistic Director of the Maison Jean-François Rey, the BOZ brand immediately hangs with its decorative style nourished by the many journeys of the designer. Stylish, elegant, racy, the models are distinguished by their absolutely unusual silhouette, mixing creative audacity and a certain love of fashion. Distinguishing the bidding of prints and colors, the brand finds its identity in graphic improbable associations, but always successful ! The styling asserts itself in a top-of-the-range register, gay and colorful, relying on the inimitable stylistic ease of Joëlle Rey. Exceptionnal pieces that surprise, seduce and provoke with their flamboyant style and totally uninhibited!

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