VAVA x Siza Vieira

VAVA is very much inspired by Architecture. Framed as buildings, our eyewear uses the face as a landscape. There is a strong interplay between the design elements involved in architecture and VAVA designs. Eyewear being a rigid object needs to fit a face perfectly, ultimately looking at becoming a mechanic part of the body.
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The collaboration with Álvaro Siza Vieira, a pivotal name in contemporary architecture, is the result of an indisputable bound between VAVA and SIZA’s structures. His works have always been a great source of inspiration for VAVA. Renowned worldwide, Siza Vieira has designed many iconic buildings over the last half century. This commitment is upheld by the creation of a capsule collection of eyewear in limited and unlimited editions.
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For this occasion, the essential qualities of the models are synchronised with the experimental ethos of the Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate.
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