Teka Eyewear

Through the Torres Kia, the gate of Europe, this cool frame from Soho NYC, found its way to Miguel​ at the TEF shoot. Tekā Eyewear appeals to the classy as well as the fashion savvy by incorporating sleek sophistication into their temple and frame shape design. Fashioned for people who value comfort and quality just as much as chic classiness.

Tekā Eyewear from SoHo, New York is the latest line of fashionable and affordable eyewear. Uniquely crafted from top range quality materials including buffalo horn, exotic wood, titanium, and leather, Tekā Eyewear marks the territory of fashion forward and superior handcrafted eyewear. Tekā Eyewear produces trendsetting and urbane designs, with a hint of renowned elegance.

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Shooting: TEFdoesMADRID
Eyewear: Tekā Eyewear
Model: Miguel Mazon Varela of La Espejuelos
Photographer: Nuria Gomez

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