Gabe Eyewear

Feeling horny?… Touch it. Smooth. Warm. Soft? No, it only seems to be.
Bends if you warm it gently, because it takes a shape,
which it keeps, because it fulfils its function robustly and durably.
That’s what today’s TEFdoesRIO is all about!
Horny hinged frames, GABE Eyewear.

GABE Eyewear is an Austrian brand dedicated to designing and producing high-quality wooden glasses. Four longtime friends sharing their love for exceptional products and unique style built their atelier in the premises of an old closed down factory in 2015.

With the „Snap Joint“ hinge, GABE developed an unrivalled innovation in the industry. This horn hinge is a signature feature of all eyewear creations. Its distinctive black color elevates them to iconic frames that are recognizable from far. It allows to change different horn or wooden temples within seconds and thereby fits one`s individual style.

The collection features 23 signature pieces inspired by nature`s dynamic. The line of unique metal-free glasses made of horn and wood offer an array of accessories that underline every wearer`s personality. No frame by GABE Eyewear is like another, each one is unique, each one has its own character, each one wants to be understood as it is. Wood only reveals itself to a considerate, skilled and diligent person. Then it will follow you until it takes its shape.

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Shooting: TEFdoesRIO
Eyewear: GABE Eyewear
Model: Chantal Goldfinger of ByTheEyewear
Photographer: Ju Buosi

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