TEF TALK – Copenhagen Specs:

At Copenhagen specs we talked to the guys from Hoya Vision Care Denmark who showed us Yuniku, which is an open digital platform that allows any eyewear brand to take part. For glasses-wearers, Yuniku represents a future where lenses and frames work together rather than compromising each other; where their specific Optical needs and aesthetic preferences can be met in a single pair of glasses. For eye care professionals, the Yuniku system empowers them to use their knowledge and take their customers on a novel and exciting journey.


3D tailored eyewear is designed entirely around your face and your vision. Regular spectacles can be customized only to a certain degree. The frame and fitting are a given, and the lenses have to be adjusted to suit them. Yuniku, by contrast, uses a revolutionary vision-centric approach. It begins by assessing your visual needs and facial features. Advanced software calculates the ideal position of the lenses in relation to our eyes, and then 3D prints the frame based on those unique parameters. For the first time, you can enjoy the ultimate in Optical precision, without compromising on style or fit.


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