TEF TALK – Vision Expo NYC:

At Vision Expo, I talked to Luba from OYOBox. People keep their jewelry in beautiful cases or displays, but their eyewear is mostly scattered around the house, without them even knowing where they are or how many they actually have. These luxury eyewear organizers from Oyobox are a well deserved home for your designers frames.

OYOBox is the creation of co-founders Luba Stark and Michael Kriss. Stark, the creative designer of this sister and brother team, was inspired to create OYOBox purely out of necessity. An enthusiast of designer eyewear, Luba found it frustrating not having a home for her glasses. That’s when it hit her, a ‘home for your eyewear’ is an absolute necessity for all eyewear lovers. OYOBox was founded on the principle of bringing ease to people’s relationship with their eyewear. In the past 5 year OYOBox has become the leading producer of designer eyewear boxes in the world.

As a premium accessory to eyewear, OYOBox has become synonymous with quality and high design. Available at all Neiman Marcus stores nationwide and at hundreds of fine Optical boutiques and gift stores nationally and internationally.

OYOBox believes that your readers and sunglasses need their own home and our mission is to bring ease to all eyewear lovers.



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