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The Eyewear Forum visits all the international trade shows to stay on top on what is hot and what is not. Showing you the latest styles is one thing, but hearing the stories from the designers personally and hearing what passion drives them to create these unique pieces of arts is what makes us tick. I hope it does the same for you! Here is a small selection on some of the interviews we did this year.


The Loft Eyewear Show

The Loft Eyewear Show, which takes place annually in New York and Las Vegas, is founded by a group of like-minded, independent designers who share a passion for creating great looking, sometimes funky, sometimes classic eyewear for the discerning consumer. Twice a year they invite the most unique independent eyewear brands to show their great styles.

TEF does The LOFT:
Kirk and Kirk

At The LOFT in NYC we talked to Jason Kirk from Kirk & Kirk  on how the independent Optical store in America is being challenged by the upcoming big chains and labels, both on- as offline.

TEF does The LOFT:
Peter Coombs

After designing eyewear for more then 18 years, I was humbled at the LOFT Eyewear Shows by Master Silversmith Peter Coombs, making what I do look like amateur work.

Peter thinks of his products as ‘Jewellery for the Face’. All pieces are limited and rare if not one-off designs and many have been the result of private commissions over the years. Some has made just because he needed to prove that he could.

His mission is to deliver unique art, lively expression and a subtle confidence to those who choose to enhance their own personality with the Peter Coombs flavour.

TEF does The LOFT:
BLAC Eyewear

At LOFT Eyewear Shows​, I talked to Jakob​ from Bellinger Eyewear​ about the latest features of their label BLAC Eyewear. Formerly completely made out of black carbon fibre, they now offer a wide range of combinations, with colored carbon, non-meshed carbon, and combinations of alu, acetate and 3d printed fronts with carbon temples. Finish it off with a black, gold or silver hinge and you are all set to go!

TEF does The LOFT:
Blake Kuwahara

At LOFT Eyewear Shows in downtown Manhattan, we had a little sit down with eyewear designer extraordinair Blake Kuwahara, explaining to us the complexity of creating a Blake Kuwahara frame.

TEF does The LOFT:
Hapter Eyewear

While at the LOFT Eyewear Shows, I sat down with Eric Balzan from HAPTER eyewear. From his village nestled within the Italian Dolomite mountains, in a place where local blacksmiths used to hand-forge swords, Eric creates unique frames of stainless steel, laminated with rubber and fabrics giving it a very industrial look and adding some mediterranean emotion to this cold and cool material.

TEF does The LOFT:
Vue DC

At LOFT Eyewear Shows​ I met the true rebel of the Optical arena. Chris Mascre​ from VUE DC​ is telling us how his company started after a collaboration with his next door neighbour Alain Mikli, and what things still inspire him to keep creating his wonderful frames.

Vision Expo NYC

Set against the high-fashion, international backdrop of New York City, Vision Expo East is an unrivalled marketplace for eyecare professionals to discover trends, interact with new technologies and access innovative products and services.

TEF does Vision Expo New York:

At Vision Expo New York, I met my buddy Nicola from BLACKFIN. He showed me the evolution of Blackfin for the upcoming year.

TEF does Vision Expo:
Haffmans & Neumeister

While taking a smoke outside Vision Expo, I complimented some dude on his outfit. He introduced himself as Philipp Haffmans (co-founder of Ic Berlin and MYKITA), took me to his booth and explained how he started designing eyewear, how these two unique brands started and evolved and how he is DOING IT AGAIN! Meet Haffmans & Neumeister!

TEF does Vision Expo New York:
Philippe V

At Vision Expo, i sat down with Philippe Vergez from Philippe V. He makes pieces of jewelry reformed into eyewear straight out of Japan, and every season he amazes me with yet some other cool designs.

TEF does Vision Expo New York:

At Vision Expo, I talked to Luba from OYOBox. People keep their jewelry in beautiful cases or displays, but their eyewear is mostly scattered around the house, without them even knowing where they are or how many they actually have. These luxury eyewear organizers from Oyobox are a well deserved home for your designers frames.

TEF does Vision Expo New York:
TC Charton

At Vision Expo I had a talk with Alexandra Peng from TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear. A brand that was borne around her personal need for eyewear that would actually fit and evolved into a godsend for so many asian faces.

Alexandra is a veteran of the industry, spending more than 20 years designing and producing eyewear for global brands. However, despite helping countless clients find the perfect eyewear to match their needs, there was one person she could never find the right frame for: herself. She started TC CHARTON  – the first North American brand that focuses solely on making distinctive, beautiful eyewear for Asians.

TEF does Vision Expo New York:
Lunetterie Générale

At Vision Expo, I ran into Julian Couture and Alexis Martel from Lunetterie Générale (or as I like to call them, those F# Canadians from Loonets General). Bold yet timeless styled frames of exquisite Japanese quality, with a modern twist. A brand that offers that lifestyle feeling, with the respect for heritage.

TEF does Vision Expo New York:
Davette’s Lunettes

The French made, California based brand Davette’s Lunettes, designs their eyewear not just around the face, but also around someone’s personal character. At Vision Expo, Davette and Stephen showed me some of their latest styles and on what characters they were based on.

TEF does FW 2017/2018 overview

What a rush, what a season! Thank god it’s over, yet I am thirsty for more! TEF Magazine has pushed it to the limit! Many thanks to all you great guys out there at Silmo Paris100%Optical LondonBold Optical FairOpti MunchenCopenhagen specsEtnia Barcelona and last but not least, Vision Expo New York!

Copenhagen Specs

copenhagen specs is an independent trade fair with the ambition of creating an environment and a place where Opticians go to be inspired and updated on the international eyewear industry.

TEF does Copenhagen Specs:
Dear Leader

While visiting Copenhagen, we ran into a remarkable guy. No, not Kim Jong-un who we saw driving around Amalienborg Palace… We met Mattias from DEAR LEADER. An eyewear company with the goal to help North Koreans see better. And not just with great eyewear. They donate to organizations working actively to bring down the North Korean regime from the inside. How? Just watch our little interview we took at Copenhagen specs.

TEF does Copenhagen Specs:

At Copenhagen specs we talked to the guys from Hoya Vision Care Denmark who showed us Yuniku, which is an open digital platform that allows any eyewear brand to take part. For glasses-wearers, Yuniku represents a future where lenses and frames work together rather than compromising each other; where their specific Optical needs and aesthetic preferences can be met in a single pair of glasses. For eye care professionals, the Yuniku system empowers them to use their knowledge and take their customers on a novel and exciting journey.

Opti Munich

Every year in January, experts and creatives in the Optics industry display their newest products at the Fairground Munich. As an international trade show for Optics and design, Opti represents the whole visual-Optical spectrum, from frames to lenses, contact lenses, low vision, shop fittings, and technical equipment. At the same time, Opti offers a platform for product premieres for both international market leaders and start-ups alike.

TEF does Opti Munich:
Woodstock Eyewear

At Opti we had talked with Walter Janus from Wood Stock Eyewear about their new combination collection of wood and titanium.

TEF does Opti Munich:
Nina Mûr Eyewear

Opti showed us many innovative new products this year! My personal favourite was Nina Mûr eyewear. What was yours?

TEF does Opti Munich:
Xavier Garcia Barcelona

At Opti we had talked with Nuria and Xavier from Xavier Garcia Barcelona about their new minimalistic metal collection.

TEF does Opti Munich:
Lool Eyewear

At Opti Munich we had a little sit-down with Alex from · Lool eyewear ·, about what is hot from the land of eternal sunshine and design!

100% Optical London

Since launching in 2014, 100% Optical has quickly established itself as the largest Optical event in the UK, attracting 8,936 international visitors and more than 200 exhibitors at our 2018 edition of the show.

TEF does 100% Optical London:

At 100% Optical we spoke to Nadia from about Treboss, an innovative, fresh and urban designer brand, with fine details, cool color combinations and original shapes. Treboss invites you to look at the fun side of life!

TEF does 100% Optical London:
Von Arkel Switzerland

A legacy of passion, Von Arkel Switzerland frames inherit the precision and attention to detail of the watchmaking industry and combine it with an elegant style to create timeless frames. At 100% Optical we met Christophe Kozma, the man behind Von Arkel to discover the story of this unique brand.

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