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One of the most innovative eyewear designs we found at Silmo Paris, was the latest project called T-Generations by our good friend Edward Gucewicz. He creates titanium glasses that are more than just a fashionable piece, they’re a testament to his unwavering commitment to lasting quality and timeless design.

It’s a reflection of Edward’s relentless pursuit to create products that not only endure but become a staple in your life. Come explore this passionate endeavor and find the ideal mix of durability and classic allure in this new eyewear collection.

The goal of this brand is to craft timeless eyewear for upcoming generations. Their debut collection demonstrates their unique perspective, presenting their products as contemporary industrial artifacts anticipated to be found in the distant future.

The design philosophy derives its essence from the delicate aspects of time, wear, and natural changes, thereby accentuating the enduring quality and progressive nature of their eyewear.

About T Generations Eyewear

T-Generations is a distinguished eyewear brand, specialising in the production of optical and sunglasses frames. Our name signifies our core elements; ‘T’ symbolizes titanium – our primary raw material, while ‘Generations’ emphasizes our commitment to creating long-lasting products. The design process, led by E.Gucewicz in the UK, involves carving from solid titanium blocks in Shenzhen, China, and concludes with meticulous finishing and hand-painting in Sabae, Japan.

T-Generations aims to achieve enhanced sustainability through the development of durable, repairable designs. The company’s focus on crafting products designed for longevity aligns with its eco-conscious philosophy.  This philosophy aims to shift consumer behavior away from disposability towards sustainability, recognizing that the most eco-friendly product is one that doesn’t require regular replacement or disposal.

Although eyewear pieces individually don’t carry a significant ecological footprint, T-Generations acknowledges that merely substituting with ‘eco-materials’ doesn’t sufficiently address environmental and personal energy and consumption costs. Therefore, the company produces glasses from solid titanium blocks, guaranteeing their durable nature and extended lifespan.

T-Generations has teamed up with our respected Japanese partner, Fukushima in Sabae, to offer a repair service.

This allows customers to fix mechanical issues or update the look of their frames via a quick strip, replating or repainting process, effectively extending the lifespan of their glasses.

Their goal is to create eyewear that caters to the needs of future generations. The debut collection showcases the products as artifacts from the current industrial age, discovered in a distant future. It represents the artistry associated with time, erosion, and oxidation processes.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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